Not so long ago, I published a blog post about the first year of Tangle Lab. For the current year, I decided to update this blog post as the months pass by, to show our 2023 Tangle Lab projects.

Tangle Lab is a subscription-based community of tanglers that meet through Zoom once a month. I prepare a project, send info about the supplies and we meet and tangle together. In addition to that, each month I prepare some bonus and follow-up content, mostly delivered as video-on-demand lessons. Those are usually shorter tangle sessions, often connected to our main monthly project. After the first 12 months, which were described in a separate blog post, I will update this one to add a new recap for each month of 2023.

January 2023

In the last live online meeting of the first 12-month period, we thought about some inspiring word. We placed them inside of a ribbon made of Zentangle’s Rambles tangle. Around the ribbon, we drew Zentangle’s Crescent Moon with some bling and Ariane Bauer’s new tangle Zarillon. The focus of the bonus session was Debbie Raaen’s Starlight – a wonderful grid tangle. For the follow-up, I showed a cone-shaped Crescent Moon, again in a glamorous edition, which contrasts its usual modest appearance.
(This was featured in the first blog post, too, as it was the month 12 of the first year of Tangle Lab).

February 2023

February was time for new combinations of techniques and supplies. The main project is shown in the first photo – glow on black technique in contrast with the central part, created on a white background. I opened the month with a small 3Z tile for a bonus, showing how to use Paradox as a flower petal filler. As usual, the follow-up was another exercise for practicing what we learned in the main project. This time it was a project that might be used for custom greetings or personalized gifts. I love all kinds of tangled letters, so here’s another one.

March 2023 Tangle Lab

Using different approaches, supplies, and techniques from month to month is not easy, and that’s exactly what I try to use. In March we first prepared the white Phi tiles with liquid watercolors, using the wet-on-wet technique. In our live online class, those were used to create designs inspired by church windows. I already published classes focused on the stained glass technique, but this was slightly different. For the follow-up, we created another, smaller stained glass piece.

April 2023

New month and new technique on the agenda. I decided to use colored pencils more, so that was the focus in April. A new approach to creating colorful backgrounds on black tiles, bold tangles, and layering – that’s what we did. The opener (bonus content) was my new tangle – Gilbert. The follow-up video was focused again on the same techniques that we used in the main project. However, this time there were even more layers added to create a smaller piece of art.

May 2023

We started the month of May with an exploration of tangle Medusa by Tomas Padros. It was actually a request from one of the members, and I’m always happy to oblige. The main project was a combo of different techniques and supplies, using it also to practice the zenbossing method (faux-embossing).  It was also a focus of the follow-up, with an elegant new tangle by Lin Chiu, FangZi, and some different supplies to break the monotony.

Updated throughout 2023

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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