They say that dreams do come true, but is it really so? I can’t even say that 2024 is my dream come true. Namely, I never dared to dream that all of this was possible.

I couldn’t be more joyful and humbled to inform you that I will take part as a proud teacher and a happy student at four Zentangle retreats in 2024:

  • CZT Days in Munich, Germany, February 23-25
    This is already the third time that Conzentric (Zentangle’s partner that brought CZT seminars to Europe) is hosting CZT days in Germany. I made sure to join the events in 2019 and 2022 in Frankfurt as a student. This time I will join the wonderful lineup of teachers.
  • TangleOn Spring Fling 2024 in Elora, Canada, May 9-12
    Brenda Shaver Shahin’s Canadian retreats have been on my radar for a while. I finally started to think that the time has come to join one. So, I couldn’t be more excited when I was offered to join the group of amazing teachers.
  • Tangle TaleZ 2024, Dubai, UAE, September¬†20-22
    Organized by two Indian CZTs, Sunali Shah and Sweta Dalal, this retreat will gather some fantastic teachers from all corners of the globe. Just click on the link above to check the lineup. I can’t believe my luck that I’ll be a member of that team. Registrations are open.
  • International retreat in Krusenhof, Germany, November 1-3
    Dr. Melanie Bartsch (Anstifter) is a unique teacher, who facilitates personal development using Zentangle as a tool. After she announced her first international retreat in 2022, I just had to be there and it was the most heart-warming experience. When Melanie asked me to join the next international event as a guest teacher, I was filled with gratitude and joy.
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A dream come true?

I turned my back on my corporate career on April 1, 2019. At that time, I planned to start a professional creative journey, thinking that jewelry making would be my core business. I was following some creative entrepreneurs outside of the Zentangle world. I saw how they run their art clubs, sold their artwork, and taught at the retreats. It was like watching a movie – enjoying it and feeling happy for them, but never for a moment thinking that it might become my reality, too. Covid hit and I boarded the online teaching train. Talk about good timing amidst the craziest events of our lives. You can see how, as years went by, online teaching, video lessons, and Zentangle retreats sneaked into my annual goal-setting and vision boards. So, you might say that it was a dream come true, but I bet that no one dared to dream that big two or so years ago, given the state of the world at that time. And now I only hope that the developments in current global affairs will not prevent us all from making our craziest dreams a reality.

Hope to see many of you in 2024! Cheers to a wonderful year ahead of us!

October, 2023

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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