I often get similar questions about my creative process and supplies that I use so let me address the most frequent topics.


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I really use what’s available but I’ll always admit that it’s nice to work with high quality supplies. The most important thing is to draw. Do not let the lack of high quality paper discourage you. Great supplies do not make great artists but practice and love for it do! But let me be more concrete:

  • ORIGINAL ZENTANGLE TILES were not easily available in Croatia at normal prices so I only had limited quantities. For worldwide shopping/shipping please visit Zentangle web site. Some sales channels have been established in Europe – please contact me directly if you’d like me to send you a link to the web shop. The paper used for original Zentangle tiles is a high quality hand-made Italian product (Fabriano Tiepolo). It really is different and the surface structure forces me to slow down the process, which is a plus. 
  • STRATHMORE ARTISTS TILES in tan and grey are some of the reasons I fell in love with this art form. I love how beautiful all kinds of shades and highlights look on those papers. They are slightly bigger than regular Zentangle tiles but I cut them to the standard Zentangle size.
  • SELF MADE TILES are a great option. I have no problems finding a good quality card stock paper in local art supplies stores. Paper cutters for home use are also available at reasonable prices. 
  • I have used ZENDALA TILES from an Etsy seller. I even tried cutting my own with a craft knife, using a CD as a template as the size is almost the same.


I jump back from old-school Zentangle black and white drawings to using all sorts of colors. I really like to use watercolor pencils (especially Faber Castell’s Albrecht Dürer) with a thin water brush to activate and blend color. Regular color pencils are also awesome and I love my Prismacolor set. I also use Kuretake Zig Clean Color brush pens that can be blended like watercolor pens. Additionally, inks like Ecoline are a wonderful tool to prepare a colorful background. But!!! Do not let the lack of supplies discourage you. The most important thing is to draw and imagination can make up for all the missing supplies!


I got my CZT diploma in Providence on #32 CZT seminar in October 2018.

You can check what is offered if you click on the link below.

I also regularly publish videos with some instructions and tips on my social media outlets – just look for the hashtag #zenlineavideo on Instagram and Facebook. 


I get a lot of questions regarding the drawing process. One of the most common is how I start the drawing and do I use the strings. The short answer is – there are no rules. It is my belief that being too rigid is not desirable in any art form. Sometimes I need some calm and the whole Zentangle process is what I need but other times I’m driven by an idea, like a specific tangle that inspires me. I find that the strings not only give directions and simplify the construction process but also can add to the flow of the drawing so I like to use them (let’s be honest – drawing as a process is an awesome way of art therapy, but we also want to enjoy the outcome). My advice is to try it all and discover what works best for you, depending on the intention behind the process. For example, having a demanding office job, my intention was often the relaxation that comes with the drawing process, the calmness and slowing of breathing, taking a moment for myself and getting rid of burdening thoughts. That’s when the Zentangle method comes into picture. But many times, when I feel happy, relaxed and inspired, I just start with a specific pattern that sparks my imagination and the drawing develops from whatever I intend to draw first.

You can also look at some videos I post on my Zen Linea Facebook or Instagram accounts to see the drawing process – just search under #zenlineavideo tag.


I finally opened my Etsy shop in October 2019!  I hope you’ll enjoy what I offer and possiby find something for yourself or a gift for a special person.