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Learn how to use Zentangle’s Reticula and Fragments concept to easily create seemingly complex mandala designs.

Are you thinking about becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher? Would you like to read about my experiences and consider benefits and challenges?

One of my favorite Zentangle inspired techniques is Zenbossing. earn how to achieve the faux-embossing look by using the basic tools.

Zentangle is so easy to learn and easy to introduce as the daily practice. Take some time to get to know it and reap its many benefits.

It’s always interesting to reflect on past months, as each drawing speaks about a day, a phase of life or a part of creative journey.

Many people wonder how to learn to draw. Some think that they are not talented enough. Is it possible? Are there people who lack talent?

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Which white pens and pencils are best and how to combine them with different kinds of paper and other supplies.

See the deconstructions of my tangles and learn what was the inspiration behind creating and naming them.

Read my thoughts behind the decision to offer Zentangle masterclasses and why are they different from classes.

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How I discovered tangling, became a Certified Zentangle Teacher and how the method has changed my life, this post is for you.