Internet is full of various content, including many paid and free online Zentangle classes or those that were inspired by the Zentangle method. Whether you want to see if the Zentangle method is for you or check if you would like my teaching style, you can take my free online Zentangle classes and dive right into the creative process.

I discovered the Zentangle method in late 2015, when the world was a much different place, as was the Zentangle community. At that time, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) seminars were offered only on-site (which would probably remain the same, had the Covid crisis not hit the world). Even Zentangle classes were mostly available only in person.

Fast forward 5 years later and we can witness a wonderful expansion of learning opportunities. And of course, it’s not only about learning. It’s also about the friendships, exchange of ideas, inspiration. It all seems to be multiplied and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Free Zentangle Resources

As I started my Instagram profile I found more and more pleasure in sharing the Zentangle method. I started filming my creative process and making videos that I mostly posted on my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube profiles. Those were shorter videos, usually time lapse, and without any audio instructions. I believe that those videos were the reason that my profiles grew so quickly. Some of my Instagram videos got as many as hundreds of thousands of likes. That wasn’t a pre-planned marketing strategy and maybe that was the secret to success. I was still working in the finance industry and doing it was really a result of my pure wish to share my enthusiasm and love for the method. Below is a screenshot from my Instagram account, showing some of my videos that I posted on IGTV. I would also encourage you to check the Inktober Tangles 2021 series on my YouTube channel.

Free Zentangle Videos

There are amazing CZTs all around the world and there are also some great free videos available online. Each CZT has their own teaching and drawing style and it’s wonderful to learn from so many talented people. Since I started teaching, I haven’t made so many of those short, time-lapse videos, but I do offer free, full length video classes on my website. 

My Free Online Zentangle Video Classes

There are currently two free online video classes that I offer. As with all my video classes, if you sign up, you will get an unlimited access to the content. Additionally, there is a PDF eBook with tips, tricks and the step-by-step guide through the project that you can download and print. Such a PDF eBook is included with all my video classes.

Blooming Tangles

Blooming Tangles was my first free full-lenth video class that I published. It was in November 2020, to celebrate my second anniversary since I became a CZT and first anniversary since publishing my first video class. It’s an organic design, very much in line with my own style of drawing.  You can enroll here and below you can see my drawing, as well as a mosaic of the drawings of some of the talented creators who took the class.

Free Zentangle Video Class

Key To My Heart

My second free video class was Key To My Heart. It was published in April 2021, a year after I started teaching live online classes. I decided to celebrate as it was a huge step outside of my comfort zone. Teaching classes in a foreign language was really scary. But each time I decide to stand up to my fears, it seems like taking a big step towards feeling more and more freedom. This design is not as typical for my style of drawing, but it celebrates the method and the elegance of limits, a Zentangle concept which I consider to be a framework for wonderful creative possibilities. You can enroll here, and below you can observe the design, as well as the drawings of the wonderful Zentangle community members.

Free Zentangle Video Class

I hope that you have enjoyed these classes or maybe might decide to try them and immerse yourself in the wonderful tangling experience.

April, 2021

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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