Visit the gallery below to see my Zentangle drawings.

For a long time I was feeling the urge to draw but did not know how and where to start. However, I when I discovered Zentangle that has changed. As a result, I kept creating with passion. I had a demanding and stressful job and I’ve tried various methods to relax and relieve stress, including meditation, but my mind was always racing… until I found Zentangle in late 2015! I haven’t stopped creating ever since. In 2018 I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher, which allowed me to share my passion with other creators. You can read more about how Zentangle changed my life in my blog post.

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Zentangle Paper

Visit the gallery below to see the comprehensive gallery of my Zentangle drawings. The gallery features photos from my Instagram profile. If you want to make sure to keep up with what I create, you can follow me on social media (links are at the bottom of this page).

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and I teach online Zentangle classes to those who would like to experience all the incredible benefits of this drawing method and expand their creative skills.

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