We are all surrounded with an overflow of material stuff, but it’s the experiences that matter the most. So, why would we not give our loved ones an opportunity to experience mindful and creative moments? Give the gift of Zentangle.

I tried many things to quiet my mind and give it a break from the routine of a demanding job and the usual daily grind. Yoga, walks, meditation, breathing exercises etc. It all provided some temporary relief but nothing really stuck. I searched and searched until I discovered the Zentangle method.

Experiences Matter

There are researches that prove that experiences are more important for long-term happiness than material things. Perhaps it’s because all the material things are just one click away from so we rarely crave more stuff. When we think about the “good, old times” we don’t remember material stuff, but we do remember family, friends, laughter, moments. What stays with us are the¬†connections and feelings.

Joy of Zentangle

Let me get back to how finding Zentangle made me feel. I felt immediately drawn to the small format and simplicity of the method. The process removed my fear of blank canvas and introduced a reliable structure that I could follow. But it also challenged me to think outside of box and wonder what is possible. It helped immensely to wind down after stressful working hours. 

Then I discovered the community and it was another game-changer. The feeling of belonging to a group of people connected by their love for creation. Encouragement and support. Friendships were born before we had chances to meet each other on Zentangle events and they are only getting stronger.

The Gift of Zentangle

The Gift of Zentangle

So, instead of buying more stuff for our loved ones, why not gifting them with the new experiences?

There are so many online classes and they are a perfect way to connect to others. Even if those lessons are not delivered live or in a live online environment, connections happen through participating in online groups and posting on social media. And you never know what those new experiences can bring to your life, which doors would they open.

If you would like to give a gift of Zentangle to a special someone, you can also check out my gift certificates. You can gift your loved one a class of their choice, enable them to experience mindful and creative moments and encourage them to connect with the Zentangle community. I wish that someone gave me such a gift way before I happened to stumble upon the Zentangle method.

November, 2021

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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