I am posting a video a day this October for the third year in a row to complete the Inktober challenge. If you feel drawn to the challenge but have no time at the moment, remember that you can do it any time, whether it’s October or not.

I’m doing it again! You can find new videos on a daily basis and tangle along or just check them out to see my approach and perhaps be inspired to create your own version. 
You can find videos on several platforms:

This year I changed the format. I chose Zendalas and it seems that three tiles will fit all the 31 tangles. YouTube is where you will find the supplies list, and a link to Stephanie Jenniffer’s file with a list of tangles and links to all the step-outs – it’s all in each video description. Thanks to Stephanie for preparing the list again!
Inktober 2023 Zen Linea


Brain Chemistry

Two whole years have passed since the moment I felt determined to post daily Inktober videos in 2021, and today, I can honestly say that completing the challenge back then has changed several aspects of my life. It altered the way I perceive myself, shifting from inconsistency and slacking to accomplishment and success. Now, almost having it completed in 2023 (just 6 more days to go!), and after finishing the 100-day project earlier this year, it doesn’t even feel like such a significant accomplishment. It makes me wonder, what’s all the fuss about? Anyone can do it. It’s amazing how our brains adapt and evolve, isn’t it?

The interesting thing is that this year, I was really out of my routine before and even after Inktober started. I had every excuse not to continue and make peace with my decision. However, my brain was in ‘you can do it’ mode, and a sense of responsibility toward myself washed over me, propelling me back into the challenge. There were days when I questioned why my brain works against me so often, but here I am, almost finished and proud of it again.

I hope that you are actively creating and enjoying the process!

October, 2023

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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