Are you a beginner who found Zentangle but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps an experienced tangler who needs to ignite the creative spark? In both cases the solution might be to get back to the basics, to visit the introduction to Zentangle. 

I have been teaching for well over a year. After many Zentangle inspired classes that I’ve published, finally I launched the Introduction to Zentangle class. You might ask me why it took me that long? It might sound strange, but teaching a basic Zentangle class comes to me with a great feeling of responsibility. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared and that I could give it my best. 

Planting the Seeds

I vividly remember how excited I was when I discovered Zentangle. I was working in corporate finance and felt desperate to feel creative and make some changes. I wrote about my Zentangle journey in an older blog post. This feeling of excitement, passion to create, learn and explore, has not left me since late 2015. 

Zentangle Method

Zentangle was much more than an art form for me – it taught me some valuable life lessons. I feel much more relaxed and less burdened by expectations and fear of failure and anxiety about what tomorrow holds. 

So, I wanted to do the best I could to convey my feelings when I prepared this class. I would like everyone to feel what I feel and to fall in love with the Zentangle method.

Introduction to Zentangle

I believe that the best way to teach about the Zentangle method is by drawing and sharing both the knowledge and the feelings. Each teacher has its own unique experience, style, as well as the way of presenting what Zentangle is.

My intention was not only to teach you to draw and apply the method, but also to make you feel empowered. Knowing that you are enough is what it takes to create freely and live freely. Your unique self will create unique strokes. You don’t need to live up to any expectations. Just let go of them. You can create unapologetically and all it needs is for you to show up. When you start showing up for yourself with your  art supplies, when you experience that power, you will start feeling that power and freedom wash over other areas of your life. It is exactly what happened to me.

I created three different projects that you can follow through video lessons. Three additional drawings (with the step-outs to creating them) are included in the PDF document. It is all a part of the Introduction to Zentangle online video class. It’s a typical on-demand content, which means that you will be able to access it whenever you want, learn at your own pace and return to the lessons. 

Introduction to Zentangle

Keep Calm and Tangle On

Each opportunity to sit down with drawing supplies feels like an encounter with my inner child. It brings joy and excitement, but also calm and relaxation. It helps me focus and perform better in all other aspects of my life. Through following the steps of the Zentangle method, I awaken the feelings of gratitude and appreciation. It is a blessing for my over-analytical mind so if you can identify with it, Zentangle might be the solution for you, too.

The daily life can make us forget to count our blessings but it is so easy to take some time for ourselves and center. So, what else should we do but – keep calm and tangle on.

Zentangle Drawing

June, 2021

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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