Being able to participate as an initiator and a teacher in this wonderful charity event might be one of the highlights of my CZT career, and I am thankful to Conzentric and all of the CZTs and tanglers who supported this cause.

It was the end of August when I received an email from Maret, a tangler from South Africa. She responded to one of the blog posts that resonated with her and felt compelled to share her story with me. You can read more about it here. Maret deeply moved me with her positive outlook despite the obstacles she faced, and it got me thinking. What began as empathy and a desire to send an encouraging message evolved into an idea to take action and find a way to help. I’ve expressed my joy at being part of the Zentangle community countless times. It’s a group of incredibly generous and open-hearted individuals. They give me a sense of optimism where anything seems possible. This time, my idea was to offer a class. Instead of charging a fee I would donate an amount and ask people to contribute. We would all collect a fund that would cover the CZT certification costs for those in less fortunate circumstances. My brain was in problem-solving mode, trying to figure out how to make this happen.

Conzentric to the Rescue – the Seed of Solidarity idea became a reality

Knowing from Maret’s email that she had already reached out to Jennifer Hohensteiner from Conzentric regarding the scholarship application, I immediately thought about asking Conzentric for help. It was essential for this fundraiser to be as transparent as possible. So, there was no better way to achieve that than by involving Zentangle or their local partners that organize CZT seminars, such as Conzentric in Europe. I was thrilled to learn that Jennifer and Katharina Königsbauer loved the idea. Therefore, I was confident that they would do their best to make it happen. And indeed, they quickly came up with a solution. What a joy! We may be just drops in the ocean, but we’re still in a position to make a difference.

Solidarity Drawing Zen Linea

Rise Up CZTs Event

We were all very keen on helping Maret become a CZT as soon as possible, and the next online CZT training seminar was in October. Jennifer and Katharina did a fabulous job. Conzentric quickly prepared a sales page for the fundraising event and took care of all the logistics.

The online fundraising class took place on September 19, 2023. Together, 173 tanglers collected 3.675,46 EUR, which was more than enough for Maret’s CZT seminar fee. In fact, we surpassed the goal by over two thousand euros. Conzentric is already making plans to choose the next beneficiary.

Seed of Solidarity Mosaic


I was really touched and overwhelmed by the support of the Zentangle community and the Contentric team. We live in a cruel world and it’s easy to feel helpless. However, this was a proof that we can all make a change and the power that we have is sometimes bigger than we dare to dream.

After the event, I shared a poem with my newsletter subscribers. It was written by a Croatian poet, Dobrisa Cesaric, and we all learn it in school. I found the English translation, so I would like to leave it here, too, as a reminder of how much each of us matters.


It flows and flows, flows the waterfall
Does my little drop make any difference at all?
Look, a rainbow appears in it
And in a thousand colors it appears shivering and lit!
That dream lighted up in the waterfall
And my drop helped to weave it all.


And finally I would like to welcome Maret to the CZT family and wish her a lot of success with her Zentangle journey.

October, 2023

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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