I feel so humbled and grateful to my fellow tanglers and certified Zentangle teachers, who have taken time to share with me their thoughtful words so I can share them with you as testimonials.

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Just looking at your artwork makes me want to learn "how did she do that?" The classes that I have taken from you have been so helpful - you are an amazing teacher and I'm so grateful for your willingness to share what you know. I like to think that the quality of my artwork has improved by taking lessons from you. Keep 'em coming!
Marilynne Blakely
Anica, I am such a huge fan of your beautiful Zentangle art!! But also, your approach, passion and teaching methods are excellent. Since I work full time and teach many weekends, I am limited to how many of your classes I can take. But when I can take a class, I am never disappointed! Thank you for your generosity and beautiful spirit, sharing your love for Zentangle.
Kim VanZyll ,CZT 16
I have followed and admired your tangling for a long time Anica. Your ability to take a tangle to another level of complexity, however, be able to teach and reveal the challenge is really about the wonderful mindfulness of Zentangle. You never shy away from trying something new, and by default simply share your thoughts and journey to your fellow creatives. Thank you Anica for being a beautiful inspiration in a world that craves colour and Zen.
Lee Burke
Anica creates a soothing and easy to learn in environment while teaching online. Her examples and explanations make the participant feel confident in their abilities to draw and add colour! Her sense of play really encourages the pen and the imagination!
Yvonne Westover
Anica Gabrovec is the most talented teacher and artist! Her classes are so in depth and unusual. She teaches her special techniques with great care and patience! Anica’s follow up with detailed instructions and step by step Artwork is spectacular! I will definitely continue to join her magical classes.
Barbra Gary, CZT 26
Anica - I love your style and methods. Your video classes are well prepared and the PDFs are a great reference going forward; daily videos for Inktober were much appreciated. Your steady hand and attention to detail with shading and highlights are amazing!
Betsy Fernandez
I love your classes, Anica. It’s very convenient, that they divided by sections, so it’s easy to find the right place if I see it again. Love your interesting ideas, diversity of techniques, and always happy with my works after your lessons. Thank you
Ludmila Katz
Your Zentangle-inspired work is ABSOLUTELY the most beautiful I have seen! I am excited to take some of your classes because your ideas are so creative. Not only is the art of Zentangle relaxing but YOU are relaxing (your voice, style and teaching methods are all easy to follow). You make learning fun. Please continue making beautiful art.
Kimberly B. Telford
J’aime beaucoup ta façon de dessiner, tes couleurs, l’élégance et l’harmonie qui se dégagent de tes créations. Tes classes en ligne sont reposantes, c’est un moment de calme, de paix, de sérénité et cette douceur fait du bien. Merci pour tout cela.
I love every one of Anica's zentangle mandalas, in fact I took out a whole year subscription with Skillshare so that I would be able to take every other class she puts on there. Every mandala is explained with supplementary materials and there is never any difficulty in understanding every part of the process. What I love most of all is that they are absolutely beautiful and the ones I have drawn have received a lot of admiration. I'm looking forward to the next ones that Anica devises. I'm 78 years old, proving that they're suitable for all ages, even us oldies who hadn't drawn anything for years. Thanks so much for the fun, Anica.
Grietje Cowie
For me, Anica’s creativity is extraordinary. Her designs and techniques always inspire me and I am amazed at the variety of her work. Anica’s teaching is wonderful - the pace, the thoughtful breakdown into steps, her encouraging, enabling delivery style and her very warm voice all combine to create a beautiful learning experience. Anica’s skill and professionalism shine in the production of her handouts and video. The handouts are works of art in themselves !! It is a huge pleasure to know Anica and I look forward to seeing many more inspiring tiles ‘cos they just keep on coming.
Heather Lucey
I love your videos and style. I am still trying to find my own style after a year of tangling and really want to work on bolder coloration. I discovered your videos during Inktober and have enjoyed the ones that I have purchased immensely. They are easy to follow and I like being able to print out the PDFs of the class for reference. One of my favorites was the Stained Glass one and plan on trying a large version in the near future. Thank you for all that you do for tanglers like me. I am looking forward to new content.
Yvonne J - Canton, OH
So far, I have mostly watched with only a minimum of drawing myself, but I am eager to delve in. Your instructions are so detailed all the way along, explaining clearly what you're doing and why, while also suggesting others may do it differently. Your voice is so calming and your drawings so lovely that the time evaporates just watching the process! Thank you for getting me inspired to get back into zentangling!
Linda MacGuffie
Anica is a wonderful teacher. In addition to her seemingly endless creative ideas, her classes include documentation (text and photos) of what she has taught. As a teacher myself, I can recognize all the work Anica puts into her well thought-out classes. Speaking for her many students, we are most appreciative of all her efforts!
Linda Kamholz
I am loving all the classes Zen Linea offers. I learn something new in each class. And I always have the eBook to refer to if I don't have video access. I apply these techniques in my other drawings as well. Sometimes I just watch her draw and listen to her voice. Very relaxing and she has cute little giggles that make me smile. Everyone needs to take a class or twenty with Zen Linea. You deserve it.
Terri Young, CZT 16

If you would like to see the works of other tanglers who were inspired by my work or who have taken my classes, you can visit my Instagram profile and check the “Tagged” bar or search Instagram or Facebook by using hashtags #zenlinea or #zenlineaclass.

I am more than satisfied an happy with Anica's classes and posted inspiration. Her creativity is so helpful when I lack of inspiration. The classes are easy to follow. The PDF she delivers are helpful and created with so much love and accuracy. And this all at an affordable price.
Lisette Hofer
Anica imprime su estilo en cada una de sus clases. Transmite sencillez y elegancia en su manera de hablar, tanglear y comunicar. Además, asistir a sus clases es una excelente manera de practicar inglés porque lo habla de una manera muy clara.
Your drawing is so intricate and full while never looking chaotic or too busy. I really enjoy your use of organic tangles in a way that doesn't look like you are drawing flowers. Your teaching style is also friendly and accessible, easy to understand, and very clear. Thank you!
Linda Friedly
I enjoyed your classes very much. You are very thorough, and the PDF files are well done, with text and photos. A great resource to go back to.
Bev Clark
I appreciate the calm and very creative way Anica teaches.
Anna ZAnnTangle
Anica’s beautiful work caught my eye from day 1 and I have been following her ever since. In addition to her guidance, she has the most soothing voice and calm manner. It is so easy to learn from her and I look forward to more classes. She is a real gem in our Zentangle world!
Judy Wanner
Anica is a tireless ,passionate tangles. And from this heartfelt passion are born her classes. She has no single style and that’s the magic. She explores, digs deep and then shares the results of her findings with kindness and generosity. I have done many of her classes, learned so much, and am always eager to continue the learning process with her, her videos are very clear and the accompanying e books a valuable resource. Thanks Anica fir all you do to keep the creative juices flowing in our community.
Rohini Singh CZT
I really enjoyed your course on mandalas! It was fun, and I learnt a lot. I like that it was short enough that I could complete it at one sitting. My favourite parts are when you show examples, and show video of your hand working on a tangle. It's really inspiring, and I've used aspects of these tangles in other work. I'm so happy you are doing well, you are a good teacher and a very talented artist.
I only recently discovered the wealth of information in your blog, FB page, and videos, a very important new source of inspiration and skill-building! I've taken both of your free video classes, and am now enrolled in your Introduction to Zentangle class, which is much more than a "review" for me. The big change, beyond even your beautiful drawing/shading/highlighting instruction, is the introduction of calm, patience, delight, gratitude, and acceptance into my practice. I knew of these important concepts, of course, but watching you work, listening to you speak of deliberate strokes, intuitive design process, seeing "mistakes" as opportunities, and so on, has removed so much stress and tightness in my Tangling. I've learned many technical things from the three videos I've seen, but the big lesson you give by your example, is all about my internal and emotional state while drawing. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you.
Robin Atkins


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