Since I started the 100 Days of Zentangle project, I have been asked all kinds of questions about Zentangle and tangling. Therefore, I prepared several Zentangle 101 videos – an educational series composed of short videos.

We live in the fast times. For those of us who tangle, Zentangle is a perfect tool for slowing down and being more mindful about everything that we do. Those who decide to expose their art to the public run into people who have all sorts of questions. My 100 Days of Zentangle videos have been viewed and shared quite a lot. As a consequence, I found myself answering many questions.

Choosing the format

People want answers and they expect to get them quickly. At first, I started to answer questions the old-fashioned way. So, I was just typing the same things all over again. Writing blog posts about certain topics is what I have been doing for a long time. Therefore, you will find many blog posts about the method, supplies etc. It suddenly dawned on me that people who watch videos of drawing tangles would probably appreciate videos that would teach them about the basics. Logically, I decided to make videos.

Zentangle is such an exciting topic for me. Sometimes I feel like I could talk about it for hours. Compressing the content into these short videos was somewhat of a challenge. But I did what the Zentangle method taught me – created the content without overthinking. Following my gut instinct rarely disappoints me.

Zentangle 101 videos

I thought that it would be good to have all the videos here, so below I’ll post links as I publish them. If you hover above any photo, a link icon will appear and you can click on it. Maybe some of you get the same questions. Perhaps you will find it convenient to answer by providing links to these short videos.

April, 2023

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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