In February 2021 I published my first Zentangle Masterclass. I was uncertain about how to name it and make a difference between the Masterclass and regular Zentangle (inspired) classes. So, let me try to explain what the Masterclass concept means to me.

In a bit more than a year, ever since I’ve started my online teaching journey, I have published some 20 online classes. There were live online classes, video classes and now a masterclass. Why did I decide to give it a different name, you might ask.

Masterclass – the definition

Most online dictionaries define masterclasses as lessons given by master teachers to their students. Well, let me assure you that I don’t consider myself a master. 😀 As almost anyone, I am full of insecurities and, being highly aware of my inquisitive nature, I view myself more as an eternal student than a master teacher. 

But there are also some websites that define masterclass as a way to teach a subject in-depth, with attention to details. That is what the masterclass concept means to me.

Zentangle Drawings Zen Linea

My Masterclass Concept

When I offered the Glow on Black Masterclass, the idea was to combine video classes with a live online class. That should have given the students an opportunity to first acquaint themselves with the technique through video lessons. After taking the lessons and experimenting with the supplies and methods, there is a follow-up live online meetup. It is supposed to be an extra benefit – a place to draw some more, try another design, discuss the technique and supplies, ask questions, answer them and exchange any kind of insight or info.

And that is exactly what we did. The live meetup was a relaxed and useful resource, where we all have learned much and benefited from each other experiences. The drawings from the masterclass look beautiful when collected and arranged in the mosaic.

Due to the specific construct of the Masterclass, it was open for enrollment for a limited period of time. In this exact case, the enrollment was open for three weeks, before being closed four days prior to the live meetup date. That way all the students have had a chance to take the video lessons before the live online class.

Zentangle Mosaic

The feedback from the students was really supportive. For me as a teacher it was such a lovely opportunity to catch up with the students and have time to chat about what we have learned.

The difference between the Masterclass and regular classes

The way I would shortly describe my regular classes is calling them “project-based”. Each class concentrates on finishing a particular project, drawing a specific design. Sure, there is an opportunity to dive info some concepts and techniques, learn a way to use specific supplies etc. It is always my intention to empower the students and inspire them to explore more after the class is finished. In the PDF documents that I enclose with my classes, I try to offer new ideas and display other drawings that I did using the same methods or supplies.

But I believe that the Masterclass concept offers more. Taking the video classes first means having the chance to watch, draw, pause, go back, refer to the PDF documents, investigate and learn. And coming to the live online class with al the gained knowledge, as well as with thoughts and questions, seems to be the icing on the cake. And I love cakes! So I plan to offer the Masterclass concept again.

March, 2021

Written by Anica Gabrovec CZT

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